Hand Knitted Cloak

              Bangalore is never so hot or so cool. It is sometime rainy, sometime windy and sometime chilling. Thou it is summer, Bangalore is quite cool, windy and without sun-ray most of the day. I always prefer to wear something light knitted in such weather. I bought a hand knitted cloak from Siliguri local market which is really beautiful for this weather. I was waiting to wear this and just get the chance now.

                I teamed up the cloak with black singlet and a pair of Reebok trousers. Have completed the look with a pair of floral printed ballerina shoes and unarranged hair.

                You can see similar hand knitted cloak here, Singlet here and Reebok trousers here, ballerina shoes here .

Photograph by my sister Ujjainee Chakraborty (ujjainee.com)

Location: Beer Café (VR Bangaluru)


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