South Park Street Cemetery, I visited this cemetery last year for the 1st time. But it attracts me so much that I did visit again after the 1st time.

                It is located at Mother Teresa Sarani, the so called Park Street of Kolkata. Smack in the middle of the city but walled off from the bustle and chaos outside, this 8-acre quiet and leafy heave holds the mortal remains of 1600 European men, women and children. One of the largest kind in Asia, it is the final resting place of some notable personalities and boasts some dramatic and beautiful tombs, cenotaphs and mausoleums.

                This cemetery was opened in 1767 and was in use until 1830 and is now a heritage site, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

                The tombs are an admixture of the Gothic and Indo-Saracenic style. Among the Indo-Saracenic tombs is a unique and composite brick structure built in the “Panchyatana” manner, with a central dome flanked by miniature replicas of Orissan “Rekha Deul” of four sides. Coupled with this peculiarity, the black basalt carving on the frontal façade indicate a distinct respect for the Hindu faith.

                The notable tombs of this cemetery are Rose Aylmer, Elizabeth Barwell, George Bogle, Sir John Clavering, Augustus Cleverland, Captain Edward Cook, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Sir Elijah Impey, Sir William Jones, Colonel Robert Kyd, Colin Mackenzie, Major General Charles Stuart and Walter Landor Dickens.

                 My visit to the cemetery was very pleasant and peaceful. Not much crowds and disturbance of city life though it is located at the heart of the city. Anyone can visit in any time of the year, it opens at 10 am till 5 pm every day. But I would always suggest to be very cautious to visit this cemetery as many have felt dizzy or fallen sick after visiting, even some captured weird structures on their cameras or complained of breathlessness. Few have been spooked later after a visit.  



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