Science City, Kolkata is the largest Science center in Indian subcontinent managed by national council of science museums, ministry of culture, Government of India. It is very interesting park for those who love science, students and also one can have a very good time there.

                For educational purpose one can learn many things such as evolution of life, human evolution, emerging technologies and many more. 

                There are many parts of science city and have separate buildings for the same such as Gallery, Earth Exploration Hall, Space Odyssey, Science Park and Science Exploration Hall. Each and every part is having interesting scientific elements.

                I did visit twice as a kid as well as an adult. It is actually a half day hangout place. I enjoyed a lot as a kid back then; it was such a nice experience. Science City was also newly made at that time and it was very nice place. In my recent visit, I felt that there is a lack of maintenance now a day.  Things have been changed a lot there. Many of the equipment are not working, others are closed. But yes this time I got a chance experience a ropeway ride here. It was for the first time ride for me so I was way excited. One can see entire Science City area sitting on the ropeway basket. I would suggest planning the ropeway ride at the end as it will make one exit from the Science City and he/she has to buy ticket again to get entered.

Photographed by Gaikhuanlung Kamei (@gaikhuanlungkamei)



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