What to wear at a hill trip?


You all already know from the title what it is all about. Fashion is all about wearing the right clothes at right occasion and right place. We often have a very wrong concept about fashion is wearing sexy or reviling clothes can make one fashionable.  Today I am talking about what to wear when you are in a hill trip.

                Hills are apparently cooler and always having rocky ways to walk and climb. So first thing we need to consider is comfortable and warmer clothes. Shoes with heals are a big NO, one should select very comfortable shoes like sneakers or sports shoes that he/she can walk and climb easily. I would never suggest one to wear dress or any kind of ethnic wears as it is very difficult to manage at hilly area and way uncomfortable. Treggings, Jeggings or jeans pants are best to wear at hill trips. Jackets, sweaters or hoodies are the best options to wear along with the said pants. You will feel comfortable and this will keep you warm also. I would always suggest checking the weather before planning any trip as it will give you a proper idea of the climate and you can select your cloths accordingly.

                Last year I went to a hill trip to Shelpu Hills. It was in time of winter and temperature was low there. I decided to wear a pair of treggings along with my BTS cropped hoody, selected a pair of slip on cum sneaker shoes. The look was very comfortable yet stylish.

                Now you will also plan you next hill trip accordingly. Make the trip comfortable with your clothes and enjoy the beauty of hills.

                Trggings: Lifestyle Stores

                BTS Cropped Huddy: Amazon

                Shoes: Zara

                Photographed by Ujjainee Chakraborty (@ujjainee) ujjainee.com

                Location: Shelpu hills


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