About me

I am Jaggyasenee Chakraborty, started my fashion journey with INIFD Siliguri in 2011 and career as Visual Merchandiser with Being Human Clothing in 2015. Back then, I found my passion for styling which had influenced many of my friends and colleagues. So I have created Arty JC to share my passion, ideas and thoughts with you.

Being in a Bengali family I always had as environment where I could let the creative juices flow at any hour of the day or night and have my ideas received by sympathetic ears.

Born in Kalchini, a small industrial area comes under Dooars region of West Bengal India. I have grown up with variety of culture, communities and rituals at Kalchini which influenced me and my works in many ways. Later I shifted to Siliguri and then Bangalore and learnt about the city life and culture. It has given me a lot of opportunities as well as inspiration which I would like to share with you.

I will post pictures, articles and reviews related to the fashion, lifestyle and so on.  Hopefully you will feel inspired by what you see and read here. Please reach out to me for discussion related to style/fashion or just comment.